PEMF Waveform Viewer

If you own a PMT-120, Magna Pulse, Delta Pulse, etc., it has been found that unless the waveform is in the shape of a "Christmas Tree" on its side; the machine may not have full healing capabilities. The waveform must look like the picture as shown below on the screen of a lab oscilloscope.

If your machine is putting out any other type of pulse it should be checked.

We have designed a special sensitive Sensor to allow you to view your machine's waveform on the supplied DS202 credit card sized oscilloscope.

Viewing the waveform produced by your PEMF Machine.
Very easy to use, simply plug the Sensor into the black connector on the adaptor cable. Plug the other end of the adaptor cable into Channel A (CH A) in the right side of the DS202, as shown below.

Turn on the DS202 by pressing the on-off switch on the bottom, left side of the DS202.
The PEMF machine should be set up with treatment coil connected like you would normally do to treat a patient.
Turn the PEMF machine on.
Place the Sensor coil near the PEMF machine's coil anywhere near the loop. The closer it is to the PEMF coil the stronger the signal will be on the DS202.
This is what the waveform should look like on the DS202.
Package Contents
Before we ship the DS202 we set it to the default of 100 volts per vertical grid and Channel 2 is shut off. (Channel 2 is the yellow horizontal line on the screen. You will not see this on your unit.)

The PEMF Waveform Viewer unit consists of our specially designed Sensor, Adaptor cable, USB charging cable and a DS 202 Pocket Oscilloscope.
The DS202 pocket size oscilloscope is a 2-channel digital oscilloscope. It is only 10mm tall and sports an aluminum alloy appearance. It has a touch screen with 320 x 240 color display. It comes with a USB charging cable and charges from any USB port. This is actually a full-featured oscilloscope used by electronic technicians and engineers in the field. In order to use it to view the waveform from your PEMF machine you do not need to fully understand the operation of an oscilloscope. All you need do is follow the easy operating instructions. The DS202 Oscilloscope is used with our own specially designed Sensor to accurately display the waveform coming out of your PEMF machine. In order to do this we have supplied a custom jumper cable to allow you to plug our Sensor into channel A of the oscilloscope.

Price for the complete package: $295.00 + $13.45 Shipping USPS Priority Mail

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