Laser Engraved Products

Having a laser engraver adds a whole new meaning to producing laser aero art. We can do placards, coasters, canvas art etc.
4" tile - $10.0 each or 4 for $35.00
6" tiles - $15.00 each or 4 for $55.00
9" X 12" custom canvas engravings $35.00 each
11" X 17" custom canvas engravings $50.00 each
12" Custom Aviation Clocks - $50.00 on up depending on the customization.
Remember guys our favorite prop swinger ?
This is the original picture. Here she is permanently etched onto a ceramic tile.
For Star Trek Fans Here is an example of a patent canvas did. We can reproduce any image or diagram on any color canvas.
The picture speaks for itself. One of our favorites.
If you want to spruce up all the tacky labels in your airplane we can engrave new placards. Here is one we did for a PA22 fuel selector placard. Just designed a new Eagle Roost Logo.
For Star Wars fans Aviation Clock. This is a clock with a front view of a cub, in black and yellow scheme.
A roughed in clock before paint. You can choose any color and any airplane with any view, front or side.