Stratux ADS-B IN

Low Altitude Single Channel Receiver

To get familiar with the project and why I am purposing this finished product, please see the link to the left "Flight Test Results".

If you are new to ADS-B see the link on the left "What is ADS-B?"

Disclaimer: I am only providing this as a service to assemble and test the Stratux units for fellow EAA members and this is not a commercial product and you use it at your own risk. It is just a means to help fellow members achieve flight safety via the Stratux ADS-B In system at a minimum cost to you.

I do all the work, building the 3D printer objects, burning in the SD card and assembling the unit for a cool turn-key system.

Works with the following Systems    (Updated 28-Feb-19):
Avare EFB (Android)
AvPlan EFB
AvNav 2.0.0+ (Android)
Droid EFB 2.1.1
OzRunways EFB 5.4.2+ (1090 traffic only).
ForeFlight 7.x(iOS)
FltPlan Go (Android, iOS, & Windows)
GRT Avionics EFIS (latest firmware)
iFly GPS 9.4+
FlyQ EFB (Seattle Avionics) 2.1 + (iOS)
Naviator (Android)
OzRunways EFB 5.4.2+ (iOS)

Unit Specifications

According to the flight tests we are going to need a unit that will satisfy the following specifications.

  1. Should be in an enclosed case to satisfy FAA rules for portable equipment, and to accommodate all the parts of the Stratux.
  2. Should use aircraft power to eliminate the battery. Therefore a fused cigarette lighter with coiled cord is included in the package.
  3. Because we are using aircaft power we need to incoporate a cool running switching power supply to convert from 14 vdc aircraft power to 5 vdc. Power supply should be shielded and filtered to prevent noise in aircraft radios and/or the 12 volt bus.
  4. BNC standard antenna jack for the antenna cable.
  5. Option to use the portable antenna that is supplied with the unit.
  6. Latest Stratux software to be loaded on the SD card. v1.2r2 (30-Mar-17) is the latest.
  7. Miniature cooling fan incorporated inside the case to keep the CPU cool.
  8. 10' RG58/U antenna cable with BNC connectors on each end. For most installations this should be enough.
  9. ADS-B antenna for belly mounting as shown below.

Finished Unit


On one end is the power connection, BNC antenna jack, fan cooling opening and auxiliary hole for the portable antenna lead. On the other is the fan cooling opening.

Complete turn-key unit, comes with:
  • Stratux unit with pre-programmed SD card
  • ADS-B Belly Antenna
  • 10' RG58/U Antenna Cable
  • Fused cigarette lighter coiled cord
  • Portable Antenna



For more details about what's in the package, see Stratux Package

All this for the low price of $249.00 + $13.45 Shipping USPS Priority Mail

NEW - If you don't need the belly mount antenna: $199.00 + $13.45 Shipping USPS Priority Mail

(No Handling Fees)

You can either send a check or I can send an invoice to your email address and you can pay by credit card.

Order will be shipped when I can procure all the parts, program the SD, 3D print the parts, assemble and test everything.

Gary at: 602-361-5405 or email: