What's in The Package ?

  • Stratux Unit
  • Fused Cigarette Lighter Power Cord
  • Portable Antenna
  • 4 Rubber feet
  • Micro-SD Card Adaptor
  • 10' RG58U antenna cable with BNC connectors on each end.
  • ADS-B Antenna for mounting on the belly of the aircraft.

Stratux Unit

The Stratux unit contains the Raspberry Pi 3 computer, the SDR (Software Defined Radio), a small switching power supply to convert from the 14 vdc aircraft power to 5vdc, power jack, BNC case mount adaptor cable and a fan to keep it all cool.

The two end caps for the case are 3D Printed, along with the fan mount and the platform for the Raspberry Pi.

Cigarette Lighter Power Cord

The cigarette lighter plug end contains a fuse and the other end plugs into the Stratux unit.
It has a coiled cord to keep the wiring mess to a minimum in the cockpit.

Remote Antenna

As an option you can open the case and plug the portable antenna into the SDR and run the wire through a hole in the front next to the poer socket.

Rubber Feet

Rubber feet are supplied with the case should you want to set it on something that could scratch.

Micro-SD card Adaptor

The Raspberry Pi uses a micro SD card as it's "hard Drive" and you need the adaptor to connect the Micro-SD card into your computer.

You would use this should you ever want to update the Stratux software.

10' RG58U antenna cable with BNC connectors on each end.

This length should suffice for most aircraft installations. If not, call and I'll build a pigttail connector.

ADS-B Antenna.

This is the latest ADS-B antenna produced by TED. It is a little shorter then the standard transponder antenna for better reception.