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We do a lot of cool things here at Hallandales. We keep up with the cutting edge of technology to build or rebuild cool products and web sites for our customers.

We're in the aerospace world and saw a need for a more up-to-date classified ad web site for selling aircraft and aircraft parts.

We use cell phone text messaging and/or email to inform you when your ad has been viewed, when and from where. Load up to 12 pictures, 1200 character rich text for ad content and much, much more at one low monthly fee.

So if you are in the market for an airplane or aircraft parts, or wish to sell anything aviation then go to our turbo charged classified ad page:

Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free..

You're are going to love this. We have put together a miniature computer called a Raspberry Pi, loaded with the latest OSMC software and enclosed it in a custom metal box which allows you to view movies and your favorite TV programs streamed over the Internet for free !

Sounds too good to be true, well it really isn't. OSMC has been around for a while, but until now we didn't have the hardware available to make it compact and easy to use for the average user.

So we've done all the research, coding and work putting it all together so you can enjoy countless hours of commercial free movies and television shows from yesteryear up to today. You can even use a smart phone or tablet as a remote control!
Click/tap on logo below to get your own little magic box...

3D Printing

We've moved into one of the coolest realms in latest technology; 3D printing. It has finally come of age, thanks to all the folks in the past number of years who provided the "Open Source" RepRap hardware and software to make it all possible.


Follow my build and calibration of the "Kossel Clear" Delta 3D Printer from Blue Eagle Labs.


We had a major demand for building replacement chair feet, but we can make almost anything.

Custom Web Sites

We can build any online program you may need to enhance or run your business, and as a plus we provide you with a low cost web service. We program in almost any language for quickly building low cost Web Applications. Contact us for a free quotation. Check the 'About Us' menu item to view our credentials.

See list of latest customer web sites.

Specialized Electronic Projects

We recently teamed up with the Sheridan Cattle Ranch in Colorado to build a water control system to control the water pumps, where the pumps and storage tanks are separated by over 4 miles of mountainous terrain.

We can go the distance with VHF repeater systems, cell phone answering systems and other advanced technologies. Remember that almost anything you can imagine we can accomplish.

If you are in need of a specialized control system that actually works, give us a call.


Sheridan Cattle Ranch

Stratux ADS-B In

For pilots using an iPad or tablet running navigation software such as Foreflight, Wing X, Fly Q and others, we are putting together a low cost ADS-B In receiver called a Stratux as described in this EAA Chapter 538 document.

The article describes the use of a small portable antenna, but the pilots out at Eagle Roost in Arizona are having trouble receiving ADS-B towers unless they go quite high.

Flight testing is complete and we now have the final design ready.


Power Supply

Tired of having your iPad and USB powered devices going dead while in flight, even though you are plugged into a USB power adaptor.

The "off the shelf" USB power adaptors do not put out the needed 3.0 amps needed to keep the batteries charged and run the devices, and some of them radiate a spurious signal which produces noise in your radios.


I build a dual 3A output shielded power supply for the low price of $189.00

Web page for this product is not ready yet, so please call Gary at 602-361-5405 for order details.


One of our latest projects is to modernize a Chirotron, which was manufactured in Seattle in the 80's.

The Chirotron was a 4 or 6 place bilateral scale that measured the foot pressure and the sway when a patient stood on it.

They were very well built, but the company faded away and service is no longer available. I was asked to modernize one for a clinic in Washington State.

If you are a Chiroprator and have one of these units we can modernize it for you, with wireless tablet interface and custom software.